Tidal Gallery

Anna Ventura founded the Tidal Gallery as a platform for local artists to exhibit, sell and earn a living through Art, all whilst promoting creativity in the community through events.

It opened in 2018 to represent an initial 24 artists in different media. It was a well received venue which successfully traded until 2022.

To run this project successfully, Anna covered several fronts. First and foremost, a quality supply of Artworks from local artists and makers by establishing successful artist relationships. Secondly, to hold these safely and attractively. And finally, to offer a visitor experience that translates into repeat custom.

The Arts Trail

In 2013 Anna Ventura joined the South Hams Arts Forum to promote her Artwork. Willing to learn as well as sharing her knowledge, she offered to help further and become a committee member. With her background in graphics, she was welcomed and offered to design the Arts Trail brochure. Coincidentally, they were also looking for a coordinator, and Anna, always looking to develop skills, took that role as well. She Coordinated in full between 2014-2017 and she co-coordinated afterward with other members.

The South Hams Arts Forum

Anna has been a SHAF member for almost a decade and a committee member almost as long. With her varied skills, she has undertaken many roles throughout. But most notably has been the improvement of SHAF branding, website and its events, as well as the mentorship programme mentioned below.

Anna has produced the new brand image for SHAF, including a logo and branding chart. This was implemented in the newly designed website in 2019. As well as used in all flyers, event posters and packaging. And for SHAF specific events, banners and roll up flags to reflect the brand.

SHAF Mentorship Programme

In 2019 Anna found the time to do more and started the Arts Trail mentorship program (which the pandemic put a halt to after one year - but will be reignited in 2023). She felt strongly about encouraging upcoming generations into creativity, and felt the need to establish a connection between the local Arts Scene and the colleges. So the mentorhip program began.

The first year was a trial: Anna aproached Kingsbridge Community College and made a proposal: SHAF would give 2 students free membership for a year, free Arts Trail entry, free exhibition space in the Town Hall and £250 per artist to spend on framing, cards and brand. All under Anna’s mentorship. A dozen students submitted photographs of their work and a cover letter. The committee then selected 2 students.

Anna assisted in choosing and developing a cohesive selection for their display, helped them with presentation, framing, cataloguing the works and pricing. Also helped them to liaise with peer artists for stewarding. It was a very successful trial and the college expressed interest in participating again.