Throughout her Art education Anna Ventura developed a passion for education while attending lectures in Art therapy. During that time, she visited several pioneering Montessori schools and associations who applied the Arts strongly within the curriculum, highlighting the creativity in all human activity. And it ignited the passion. Alongside completing her BA in Fine Arts, she also completed her postgraduate teacher's programme.

She continued practising as an artist while taking every opportunity to further her ability to mentor and promote. She continually run workshops demonstrating techniques and materials, established links with professional Art organisations in her local area and organised exhibitions and events. With the two biggest events to grow under Anna's watch being the South Hams Arts Trail, on every October, and Tidal Gallery (which successfully traded 2018 - 2022). In 2022 Anna stepped back while dealing with health issues. And is currently adapting her approach to her new reality, while continuing to work within the Arts.